Nam Huong ecological garden is a place to preserve and develop many kinds of rare seedlings and fruit trees while preserving the unique features of the ancient Southern culture. Located in the center of Sa Rai town, Tan Hong district, my Nam Huong ecological garden is like a cool, green oasis, erasing the sweltering sun of the border area. When visiting Nam Huong ecological garden, visitors will experience the richness of flora, many kinds of special fruit trees with high economic value such as: Thai red grapefruit, Japanese cherry, purple longan, etc. Red-fleshed jackfruit, seedless jackfruit, Thai giant bamboo, shell-eating coconut, … The cottages of the people of Tan Hong before 1975, the freshwater fish storage lake of the Mekong River.

To establish Nam Huong Ecological Garden, I had to go through with countless difficulties and hardships, with many almost impossible solutions that have been applied with high efficiency such as: composting tens of tons of bean stalks. peanuts, water hyacinth, grass, vegetation into organic fertilizer to improve the soil. Besides, I also transported tens of tons of red basalt soil with high fertility from the East to Tan Hong district to supplement nutrients for topsoil in the garden… To date, Nam Huong ecological garden has about approx. 70 kinds of plants including many varieties of specialty fruit trees and rare ornamental flowers. In order to protect consumers’ health and contribute to environmental protection, I have applied organic farming process for all fruit trees in the garden, so when I come to Nam Huong ecological garden to Enjoying the fruits, visitors are assured of the quality and origin of the products.

I not only stop at agricultural production, but also preserve and preserve a number of local specialty tree varieties such as Tuong mango, Anca mango, turmeric jackfruit, wet jackfruit, Hoa An plum, milk plum. I have expanded the initial scale and remodeled some items in the family’s orchard to meet the prescribed standards to serve tourists. By 2021, I have opened the Thai Nam Huong ecological garden to welcome tourists inside and outside the province to experience the family’s way of organic farming, thereby helping to spread the farming model. The clean business of Tan Hong people comes to friends from far away. Through this, many people will also know Tan Hong and understand more about the typical cultural features of the people of this country in the past and present.

After more than 20 years of establishing a career and achieving many achievements in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2016, I suddenly left the street to return to my hometown, Tan Hong, to set up a garden in front of many doubtful eyes. However, with a passion and strong determination for agriculture, over the past 7 years, I have “turned” my family’s acidic soil into a dream garden with hundreds of flowers and fruits produced in an organic way. Currently, my small garden is not only an address to provide a variety of safe fruits for consumers inside and outside the province, but also an attractive tourist attraction.

Slogan: Back to childhood

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