Mica star apple tree value comes from the difference

Almost all of us have ever eaten and known the fruit of the star apple tree: it has latex, thick skin, and the rice is pasty, but now at Nam Huong ecological garden, it has grown and propagated a plant variety called Mica star apple tree. Nam Huong has many outstanding features such as: sweet taste, dry and crispy rice, Mica star apple tree has very little latex and can eat the skin when the fruit is ripe.

With the desire to create many new values for the local acid and acid soil, in 2016, after many years of research, collection and study, I was fortunate to know about Mica star apple tree. In order for Mica milkweed to live and grow well in Tan Hong land, I have applied many methods of soil improvement, increased application of scientific and technical advances and special care procedures combined with using organic fertilizer methods, use of biological products in the cultivation and production process, so that my Mica star apple tree products are very safe for consumers. Special care can be taken on the acidic soil of my hometown plus the supply of basalt red soil on topsoil, so that Nam Huong Mica star apple tree products have large round fruits, eye-catching colors and sizes, quite uniform and the average weight of each fruit ranges from 400g to 600g.

In particular, with a high nutrient content and a variety of vitamins such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, fiber, Calcium, Zinc, Iron Mica star apple tree can be suitable for most consumers from pregnant mothers, children as well as adults and the elderly. Currently, with a cultivation area of more than 0.5 ha, on average, Nam Huong Ecological Garden can supply the market with about 1 – 1.5 tons of Mica Milkweed for domestic and foreign markets each year.

Besides, Nam Huong ecological garden not only provides safe organic fruits for users, but also propagates in the garden to share with people a new quality tree variety, suitable for local soil, especially high productivity, bringing high economic efficiency to farmers.

Slogan: Great taste every time you eat!

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